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HD Shanghai

Primary Curriculum

Design Thinking

In HD, Design Thinking is a human centered approach to solve complex problems in an ever-changing world.

Through a variety of different projects, we cultivate the students' spirit of daring to try, while fostering their creativity, teamwork and communication skills to cope with future challenges.

The Design Thinking process consists of six parts - Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Collaborate and Test/Reflection. The six steps are not sequential but steps to be repeated and iterated based on the project’s requirements and progress. The students will start to understand the nature of the problem more deeply through developing empathy and defining needs. They can then explore specific solutions through ideation and collaboration. Finally, they can realise the ultimate goal of problem solving by making prototypes and testing them with the users.

From pre-primary to upper secondary, HD offers students systematic design thinking courses. Based on the learning objectives of different ages, as well as the content of science, art, ICT and other subjects, DT teachers lead students in weekly design thinking lessons. From making educational games for children, to making research videos with iMovie, from the campus canteen to the off-campus supermarket, everywhere can be a DT classroom and there is never a standard answer to a question. Everyone is a teacher and every detail is worth exploring. From the cultivation of innovative thinking habits to the cultivation of their own initiative, students will gradually become the discoverers and solvers of real-world problems, become more resourceful, brave in exploration and become leaders of the future world.