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Chinese Culture Curriculum

The Chinese Culture Curriculum of Shanghai HD Bilingual School is an independent curriculum which integrates classic reading, Guqin, calligraphy, the art of blue and white porcelain and Chinese martial arts. Professional teachers of different academic fields join in the curriculum to form a cross-disciplinary think tank for a comprehensive learning experience, being dedicated to bringing students a diversified and multi-dimensional learning experience of Chinese culture.

Confucius once advocates that, “Poetry makes a man, courtesy develops a man, while music fully matures a man.” The HD Chinese traditional culture course takes classic reading as its core, constructing the course with learning Chinese characters as well as classic poems. We compose the course with hundreds of classic works. When reading these works, students will learn characters and phrases, study the rules of rhyme, know people related to these works and understand emotions expressed by these works. In this way, they will learn Chinese cultural spirit and Chinese aesthetic appreciation. For students in higher grades, we encourage trying creating poetry in ancient style, aiming to make them understand the nature of Chinese characters and language by analyzing the words and expressions and appreciating the rhyme.

Simple Ancient Chinese prose is another featured course of HD Chinese curriculum. We lead our students into the world of classic Chinese, enabling them to read, understand and love it, which helps lay a solid foundation for them to dive into the five-thousand history of China in the future.

Apart from class time, we have also designed many life-oriented, thematic inquiry-based learning activities in HD Chinese Culture Curriculum. We break the boundaries of different disciplines by combining music, art, reading and martial arts and teaching with different topics. We set up classes about traditional festivals to let students experience Chinese traditional cultural life. Moreover, we introduce Chinese traditional folk art and folk customs into our school and our classes. All these will help students to understand Chinese life attitude and develop Chinese aesthetic taste in real live experiences.    

Confucius also said, “No learning, no standing.” HD Chinese Culture Curriculum intends to cultivate our students to be educated Chinese with confidence and modesty who act with discretion, enabling them to make due contribution for a better world!