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Please click here to submit online student registration form and make an appointment to attend one of HD Shanghai enquiry sessions.

Check《G1 or G6 Admissions Brochure》

For more details please see "Admissions Policy" part.

Transfer Application

Transfer students need to complete the transfer process. If you have any enquiries please contact us. Tel: 021 2309 1039 - 2250/2251

Admissions Process(Only for G1 and G6)

G1&G6 applicants need to apply via “Enrollment System for Compulsory Education in Shanghai” and choose Shanghai HD

Pre-school Preparation

Pre-school preparation, Orientation.

HD Shanghai Enquiry Sessions—Parent Information Session/Open Day/Seminar

We believe it will be helpful for parents to make the decision of their school choice if they could join our enquiry session to get more information about our vision and mission, education philosophy and pedagogy, curriculums, teaching resources, learning profile and future education plan. We strongly recommend all prospective families could attend one of our enquiry sessions. Please follow us on Wechat (SHHD) or contact directly with our admissions office to get the latest details of those enquiry sessions. 

Expectations on Parents

We expect parents could understand and embrace the vision and mission of HD Shanghai and appreciate the education philosophy and teaching pedagogy of the school. Parents are expected to support their children to study in a bilingual and multicultural education environment for a long-term commitment. Parents are expected to have certain level of Chinese and/or English that they can receive correspondence in both languages from the School. Parents and children are also required to have email and internet access. Parents and school should work together as partners to communicated openly, honestly and constructively with each other and at the appropriate level, following such dialogue, parents should abide by the school’s decision. 

We will not use the foreign textbooks directly in the class.