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HD Shanghai


Mr. Warren Johnston Chief Academic Officer of HD Schools

Welcome to HD Shanghai Bilingual School, a new dual curriculum, bilingual school in Shanghai bringing together the best of Chinese and British education. HD Shanghai Bilingual School is greatly influenced by Hurtwood House UK which has an outstanding academic and creative record and is recognised as one of England’s most successful and exciting schools, putting the vigour and enthusiasm back into education. HD Shanghai Bilingual School is putting the “fun” back into education. Starting school and going to school should be fun, a place that students want to go. They should look forward to each new day with excitement and enthusiasm. With our passionate and inspiring staff HD Shanghai Bilingual School will do just that.


With small classes we will be able to personalise education for each child. Teachers and principals will get to know each child as an individual, their wants and needs, and above all they will develop a warm relationship with each child, so they feel safe and cared for by all at the school.


Becoming bilingual is no easy task but one that I am committed to and very experienced in. HD Shanghai School will create an environment where students are immersed in each language and taught by qualified, native speakers of English or Chinese. Students will learn, apply and practice both languages and develop excellent language skills.


It is a great privilege to take children at a very young age as they begin school and I have a wealth of experience in nurturing young lives and seeing them develop and grow. I am always humbled by the dedication and hard work of teachers as they strive to develop each child academically and emotionally. As Headmaster I am committed to taking an active part in this.


School is not all about academics and this is reflected in HD Shanghai Bilingual School’s motto: Education creates character. Developing and nurturing students’ characters is a great responsibility for all schools and HD Shanghai Bilingual School takes this very seriously. Through pastoral and moral education students will develop empathy for others, responsibility for their own actions and the resilience to overcome life’s challenges.


Please take some time to read through this website and to visit our school. My door is always open with a warm welcome waiting for prospective and current parents.

Mr. Warren Johnston

Chief Academic Officer of HD Schools

Principal of Primary School, Shanghai HD Bilingual School

As a Chinese citizen, I hold Chinese culture dear. China has a rich history, which should be treasured and I believe that the values of cultural spirit and wisdom should be central to our time in school. As the Chinese Principal of Primary School of HD Bilingual School, I believe that our students can be immersed in the world of Chinese literature, experience the elegance of Chinese language and understand the profound depth of Chinese culture. Above all, they will learn to recognise the cultural values of their home country and gain a sense of  strength from this. Our students will practice what they learn and develop sharp perceptions and honest behaviors, so as to grow into well-rounded Chinese citizens with a global vision.


Our Chinese courses are focused on our students’ abilities in reading and writing. We use approaches such as big thematic units, interdisciplinary integration, and whole-book reading to make Chinese learning a rich experience, applicable to children’s life. We promote learning experience and exploration alongside proper training and memorisation; both methods are indispensable when acquiring a language. Traditional ways of teaching Chinese reading value gradual progression, repeated reading and higher order thinking. Modesty with careful deliberation, practise and self-reflection, respect and aspiration, are all central to this process. Through our Chinese program, we will take the lead in the Chinese department and do our utmost for HD scholars to usher in a new era for learning the Chinese language.


Viola Zhu

Chinese Principal of Primary School, Shanghai HD Bilingual School

Viola Zhu Principal of Primary School
Sophie Che Principal of Shanghai HD Secondary School

Dear parents,

Welcome to Shanghai HD Secondary School.

As an educator, my passions and interests are deeply rooted in bilingual teaching and bilingual education. How will our students gain proficiency in both Chinese and English, acquire bilingual thinking, and finally to embody globalized talents with intelligence, empathy and courage in a multicultural environment? How does a team of high-quality and dedicated Chinese and foreign teachers support students and an environment conducive to the aforementioned outcomes? It is a significant undertaking that has long attracted me. How shall we cooperate with our professional teachers, work together with our parents who hold the same values to educate our Chinese secondary students to have a profound appreciation of Chinese culture alongside true international-mindedness? As an educator who has worked in the Chinese public education system, private schools and schools for children of foreigners in China, I confidently say that Shanghai HD is a unique school with a special mission. Here in HD, we firmly believe that every student has great potential. We attach great importance to interpersonal relationships and establishing trust and respect for all. We strive to foster a learning environment which is comprehensive, caring, and student-centered. We aim to help students to find and construct a purpose of study through creative and interactive learning processes based on exploration and lifelong learning.

In the Secondary Program, we are particularly committed to students’ moral education and highly value our students’ approaches to their learning. The former addresses the question of which kind of learners we educate and value whilst the latter addresses how to help all students to study more efficiently. We strongly believe that noble moral character and efficient study methods will best support our Chinese learners to strive for excellence in academic performance and a brighter future.

Robert Forster said so in his poem The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

You may have chosen a road less traveled for your children. But on this road, you are not alone and we are together on this journey. We appreciate your trust and look forward to your arrival.

Sophie Che

Chinese Principal of Shanghai HD Secondary School