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Socrates once said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”. Our education is like a flame that lights hopes in every child and happiness of every family. 

Every student in school is a bond connecting teachers, parents and school. Although we will meet many challenges during studies, we will also enjoy a colorful and wonderful journey. From the day when our children step into the school, we will form a connection of lifetime. 

The home-school collaboration should be established into a harmonious link between home education and school education so that every parent from different families can work together in the platform provided by the school and grows with our children together. 

In 2018, as the leader of the Parent Committee of Primary and Secondary School, after deliberation, I suggest that the new purpose of the home-school collaboration should be built a harmonious organization that “brings families and schools together to work miracles, unites teachers and parents together to make progress every day”. The directions and common goals of the home-school collaboration are creating a home-school education learning sharing community to make students happy, to reassure parents, to engage the whole society, to make teachers work at ease and to improve the practices of school teaching and family education practices. In order to protect our children and give them a healthy and safe life, everyone, including Principals, teachers, parents, even each staff of our school, shoulders a huge responsibility and bears an important mission. 

Being motivated by love, we should optimize home-school education with joint efforts, establish positive family values and school spirit, which will prepare our children with a solid foundation to build a complete personality and conduct standards by the four-staged education practices: develop good habits in the toddler period, establish upright character in childhood, build ambition in adolescence and lead a modest and honest life in adulthood. We shall nourish our children with wisdom and raise them into men and women with kind hearts, noble virtue, joy, and diligence. We encourage our children to value both virtue and ambition and to pay equal attention to their words and deeds so that we can lead them into a bright future and a happy life.


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