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Kindergarten Curriculum

HD Bilingual Kindergarten

What kind of talent is needed in the future world? Will our children be ready for the future with challenge? What kind of people do we want our children to be? What is the most important thing in a child’s early education?

At HD Kindergarten, character empowerment is the soul and foundation of our kindergarten education. It is immersed into all aspects of our school community, children, teachers and parents. We provide a holistic education that integrates social and emotional integration to encourage children’s unlimited potential and good qualities. We not only provide them with a natural and invasive Chinese-Western dual culture language environment, but also create a creative, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for them.

For children, they are organically integrated and infiltrated into children's daily life, learning and activities, Chinese and English languages, Montessori curriculum, mathematics, science, history, PE and art. Children not only master the knowledge and skills through subject learning, as well as the development of character. In the process of discovering ourselves, discovering others and discovering the life experience of the outside world, we have cultivated children's intellectual curiosity, and emotional intelligence and communication have been effectively developed. We are deeply aware that in the early childhood, the benign cognitive, behavioral and executive modes and skills developed by the brain in the early stage will become the foundation of their success and happy life.

For teachers, to cultivate the child's love with their greatest love, to bring etiquette (grace and courtesy), peace (peaceful education activities), sharing (special birthday lessons), gratitude (pre-lunch thank you ceremony), etc. into daily life. In order to let the children, infiltrate a heart of gratitude and warmth.

All the administrators of the kindergarten team have many years of teaching and management experience in bilingual or international kindergartens. Chinese and international teachers are also excellent and have rich teaching experience. More important thing is that they all love education and protect the soul of the child like angels.

We hope to work closely with parents to build a learning community that is full of love and respect. Let all children, teachers and families work together and learn and grow together in this community that provides a caring and loving relationship for all families. This is a multi-environment of support, initiative and participation, and also contributes positively to the well-being of an international community. Here, we provide a variety of services and activities for children, families and communities, such as family events, community service, parent learning workshops and borderless classes, to connect with each other and create a consistent educational experience and an organic ecological education system for children's development.

3-5 years old mixed Montessori class

We adopt the Montessori Education methodology. Montessori education is the essence of people-oriented, whole-person education. It aims to cultivate the spirit of children's independent learning and exploration. According to the characteristics of children's physical and mental development of 3-5 years old, we provide children with a learning environment that allows them to achieve self-development in a relatively free environment.

There are five major areas in the Montessori classroom: Practical life area, sensorial area, language area, math area and cultural area. We combine the Montessori five major areas with the learning themes of each month, allowing children to learn in a relatively complete and systematic curriculum.

In the Practical Life area, we offer a variety of works designed to help children develop their hand-eye coordination, concentration, independence, sense of order, and responsibility. 

In the Sensorial area, we provide rich sensorial exploration resources to help children develop their observation, judgment, classification, leading to the development of logical analysis ability.

In the Language area, it includes Chinese and English language learning, and all the Montessori areas can provide strong support for children's language development. Children are immersed in the context of Chinese and English learning topics to help children naturally acquire language skills and develop their bilingual skills.

In the Math area, children explore the relationship between numbers and quantities from concrete to abstraction, learning counting, classifications, and operations based on experience and perception.

In the Cultural area, it helps children understand the world and appreciate diverse cultures, where children can learn about crafting, music, astronomy, geography, history, science, animals, plants, etc., so that children can see themselves in a bigger picture.

Crafting and performing art and PE are permanent courses that allow children to be immersed in aesthetic education, music education and physical fitness.