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Secondary Curriculum

Library Curriculum

Shanghai HD Library is aimed at creating a friendly, inclusive and free reading environment so that it becomes a place well-liked by students. Reading serves for ability and delight. The library boasts not only the printed and digital reading materials superadded to school curriculum but also the latest best-selling children’s books and classic comic books.

Library Curriculum

The library is currently designing its own curriculum which is oriented towards students from Prep to 12th grade. The purpose of this set of the curriculum is to cultivate students to be lifelong learners. To begin with, fostering their interests in and habits of reading is our foremost task. Good reading habits serve us well throughout our lifetime. Secondly, we plan to launch Information Literacy courses, in which our students will be instructed the abilities and skills to define, obtain, evaluate and utilize information or knowledge required in the 21st century which is otherwise known as the information age. At last, we intend to gradually impart knowledge such as intellectual property right and respect for culture, since it is an indispensable part of ideology how to utilize and spread knowledge and information responsibly and safely.


The library selected, amongst all library management software, the Integrated Library Automation System (ILAS) Destiny developed by Follett Corporation in the USA. This is a software widely used in the States as well as by many international K-12 schools. It features functions such as custom-designed user interface for students of different age groups, federated search, and Access Whenever, Wherever. Meanwhile, the library vigorously established cooperative ties with Shanghai Library to make up the deficiency in cataloging Chinese books on foreign software, enabling the system of Shanghai HD Library to be truly compatible and flexible in the management and search of books in both languages.

Book Week

In every school year, Shanghai HD Bilingual School has an annual week-long celebration of books and reading. Teachers and librarians will launch a series of theme-based events to underline the importance of reading. The theme of the 2018 annual Book Week is Journey to Everywhere. A series of events such as the Book Fair, Role Play on Friday, Thematic Decoration, Book Hunting, Story-telling Fathers, Picnic with Teddy Bear, Wicked Wednesday and Close-encounter with the renowned authors both from England and China will surely fascinate students and make them want for more.