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HD Ningbo School

Primary Curriculum

The Library

The Library at HD Schools are friendly, inclusive and free reading environments where students can relax and enjoy a good book. Reading helps boost academic ability but the most important thing is to enjoy reading. Then the opportunities are endless. Our library is well stocked with printed and digital reading materials, as well as school curriculum materials and the latest best-selling children’s books and classic comic books.

Bespoke Libraries

Our libraries are specifically designed for Chinese bi-lingual students from Prep to Year 12. Our aim is to encourage our students to love reading and become lifelong learners. To begin with, providing books which are about subjects they are interested in and encouraging regular reading habits. Good reading habits will serve them well throughout their lifetime. We will are also launching Information Literacy courses, in which our students will be instructed in the skills of defining, obtaining, evaluating and utilising information or knowledge required in the 21st century. We intend to gradually impart knowledge such as intellectual property rights and respect for culture, since these are an indispensable part of our ideology and central to the responsible and safe spread of knowledge and information.



Our libraries use an Integrated Library Automation System (ILAS) developed by Follett Corporation in the USA. This is a software widely used in the States as well as by many international K-12 schools. It features functions such as custom-designed user interface for students of different age groups, federated search and Access Whenever, Wherever.