Student Payment
HD Ningbo School

Admissions Policy


As the first K-12 school in Ningbo applying the best practice in both Chinese and international schooling systems, HD Ningbo School is for students who are

  • children wishing to engage in a Chinese and international dual curriculum within a diverse cultural setting
  • and excelling in the entry assessment and interview    

Class Size

Small-class teaching:

  • HS CASA: 18 students / class
  • YZ CASA: 20 students / class
  • Primary(Prep-Y5): 24 students / class
  • Secondary(Y6 and above): 25 students / class

Please be noted: HD Ningbo reserves the right to increase student numbers per class under special circumstances.

Detailed student recruitment plan for the new academic year is published in the spring of the calendar year.

Admissions Criteria

HD Ningbo aims to recruit students who will make full use of the opportunities provided by the school and whose families are in accord with the school’s mission and vision. The purpose of our admissions procedures is to ensure that the students will benefit from studying in HD Ningbo School.

Our admissions criteria include but are not limited to the following:

  • Alignment with the school’s mission and values;
  • Learning attitude and academic background;
  • Chinese and English language levels;
  • Individual learning needs;
  • Siblings at the school;

Students with special-needs:

  • It is parents’ obligation to let the school be aware whether the applicant is a student with special needs. HD Ningbo is not able to offer a full continuum of Special Educational Needs (SEN) programmes, therefore the school is not eligible to SEN children.