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HD Ningbo School




Our vision is to nurture globally aware Chinese citizens rooted in their own heritage yet passionate about their engagement with the wider world.

HD Schools are designed to meet the needs of Chinese families who are firm supporters of Chinese values. We believe that the essence of education is to establish a connection between ourselves, the wider world and the society of the future.

We focus on exploring innovative models of integration in a bilingual environment, giving Chinese children the ability and confidence to cooperate with others across cultures whilst maintaining their own roots, thus becoming globally competitive and resilient individuals with the awareness to make wise judgements and to commit to a lifelong love of learning.

Vision Statements

  • A tailored education system to help each student find their inner drive, search for and identify their personal goals and achieve their full potential.      
  • A comprehensive rollout of the Chinese Integrated Curriculum, featuring broad themes and interdisciplinary content, giving children the self-awareness to shape their own cultural identity whilst understanding others.
  • The creation of a multi-disciplinary and immersive international curriculum to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration amongst global citizens.    
  • Comprehensive data-driven monitoring and evaluation systems to nurture excellence and instil confidence over a broad range of subjects.
  • An innovative Design Thinking methodology to teach children empathy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • A self-evolving learning community equipped with the curiosity, mentality and the ability to perform to high standards.   

In order to turn our vision and mission into reality, we consider it essential to nurture values that all members of the Elite/HD community identify with and can easily implement. Furthermore, we recognise that schools are just a part of the educational ecosystem and that a child’s development is closely linked to their families, to the wider community and to the educational environment around us. We have therefore chosen School values that have survived thousands of years of human history and that are widely reflected in both Chinese and international traditions. Our core values, as set out in the classic Chinese text In Moderation, are ‘Wisdom’, ‘Empathy’ and ‘Courage’.


Wisdom is more than academic intelligence, it encompasses the way in which we interact socially, culturally and respond to challenges in the world around us. We can ask ourselves questions such as…Do we understand and accept our inner self? Do we understand and embrace our world of diversity? When facing differences, change and uncertainty, do we become anxious or dismissive, or do we apply what we have learnt calmly and confidently?


Those with a kind heart are often said to have no enemies. That is because kindness begins with understanding and empathy.  At HD, we learn to value and view ourselves on the basis of sound inner reflections, rather than the external judgements of others. We try to understand others and see the world with empathy. Often we are most powerful, when we act with care, sincerity, warmth and benevolence. We encourage these gifts to permeate our organisation.


Courage is born from a sense of conviction; armed with faith and purpose we become fearless. Our world is not perfect and the road to realising our dreams is typically filled with obstacles. We must therefore develop courage, seek responsibility, ahead of privilege, practice good habits, learn from others, and achieve our goals through perseverance and hard work.