Student Payment
HD Ningbo School


1 / How do I apply for admission to HD Ningbo?
2 / What qualifications are necessary for my child to be admitted to HD Ningbo?
3 / Will there be a barrier to the study in HD School when transferred from a school applying different sets of textbooks from HD school’s?
4 / What is HD's teacher-to-student ratio?
5 / Does HD Ningbo admit Chinese students? What is the ratio of Chinese students to foreign nationals?
6 / Does School offer school bus transportation services?
7 / Is there an application fee?
8 / Does HD Ningbo provide a scholarship programme?
9 / What do HD students usually do after finishing school?
10 / Is it possible for students to join HD Ningbo in the middle of the school year?
11 / Is it possible for students whose English proficiency is not as good as HD students to be admitted?
12 / How will HD Ningbo help students apply for overseas universities?
13 / Does HD Ningbo only focus on academic achievement?
14 / How to communicate with HD Ningbo School if parents have any questions?
15 / Is HD's teaching team stable?
16 / Does HD Ningbo provide boarding? How are students supervised?
17 / How do HD Ningbo discipline students?
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