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University Counseling Curriculum 

HD Ningbo School University Counseling office helps students to identify colleges and universities that are a good match for their abilities, interests, needs and goals, and supports them and their families throughout the application process. We recognize the vast diversity in students and families and the obligation to give individual guidance. The university counselors will do the utmost to educate the students and parents on colleges and college admission standards, procedures, and trends.

At HD Ningbo School, University Counseling:

  • Encourages students’ comprehensive, honest, and fruitful self-evaluation and discovery
  • Emphasizes the importance of“ fit” at every stage of the university search process
  • Recognizes and cultivates the value of a collaborative approach in which each student is supported by and coordinates with university counselor, parent, and teachers toward the successful fulfillment of a common goal
  • Leverages the background and knowledge base of the university counselors to provide the best possible university counseling experience for each student
  • Seeks, above all else, to help each student discover and enroll at an institution of higher education that is well suited to foster his or her intellectual and personal development and success