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HD Ningbo School

Leadership Team


The Chief Academic Director, Secondary Principals, Primary Principals, and Executive Principals all have a rich experience in managing bilingual schools and international schools. The international teachers come from various English-speaking countries (including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia) and are professionally qualified. The Chinese teaching team are all well-experienced teachers from international schools or public schools and are led by academically outstanding teachers. Every member of our teaching team embraces education with full passion and commitment to academic excellence. 

Robert Holroyd
Chief Academic Director of HD Schools

Robert Holroyd is a graduate of Oxford University and an internationalist with over 25 years' management experience in schools in the UK and abroad. Prior to joining HD schools, Robert was Headmaster of Repton School, UK, and during his thirteen-year tenure of this post was privileged to internationalise the Repton brand in multiple locations across the world including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and India. Robert is the proud father of two graduate daughters who enjoy visiting him in China.

Xu Jianguo
National Principal of Middle School

Mr Xu is an experienced educational leader and prior to joining HD School he had long served public middle school principalship in Yuyao prefecture of Ningbo Municipality. He championed a series of educational reform

projects targeted at bringing up young teachers and driving students’ autonomous learning and achieved visible results. In his past roles he has successfully trained a number of young teachers who were later promoted to take leadership positions in different schools. His reform initiatives were highly received by the provincial and municipal education authorities.

Mr Xu received a few honourable titles during his past services and has published consecutively in provincial and municipal educational journals and research projects. He won provincial and municipal awards of project

research of "The collective development and Practice research of "Learning-centered ".He has always kept teaching middle school maths inthe classroom and has acted as a coach for national maths competitions.

He has co-edited a book titled Geometrical models and solutions for Zhongkao.

In his new role at HD Ningbo, Mr. Xu will focus on the improvement of students' academic and humanistic qualities, teacher development and capacity building of subject departments, to promote integration and development of national and international faculty and curriculum.

Jane Hu
Principal of HDNB Primary School

Jane has 26 years teaching and management experience in education and is a renowned expert with a specialism in high-grade primary mathematics teaching. She has won teaching awards at both city and province level. Prior to joining HD Ningbo Primary School, she was the Vice-Principal of Ningbo Haishu Central Primary School.

Felton Benjamin
International Principal of Primary School

Benjamin has over 16 years of experience working in education in China. After graduating from the University of Bristol, Benjamin started to work as a teacher and quickly progressed into training and leadership positions in Beijing and Shanghai, before moving to Ningbo. Benjamin believes that the best way to learn is in a supportive environment where students can try new skills and receive feedback to improve. 

Eva Zhang
Executive Principal of HDNB Kindergarten

Eva is a graduate of the Beijing Language and Culture University and has been working in the educational sector for over a decade. Eva was the Chief Operating Officer of the Family Learning House and as a management role at the Montessori Kindergarten in Beijing. She is devoted to applying education to: create character, cultivate children’s problem-solving capabilities and giving children the ability to take care of themselves, and others. She is fascinated by childrens’ potential, they continuous exploration and motivation.