HD Ningbo School


Robert Holroyd Chief Academic Director

Dear Parents,

Recently we have been doing some important work on our School values. 

At the core of our educational journey lies, of course, a love of Chinese language, history and culture as exemplified in the classic 5th century Chinese text ‘In Moderation’, which invites its readers to embrace the values of wisdom, empathy and courage, and apply them not only to their own immediate environment, but also to the world beyond. This is why we have adopted these values as our own guiding ‘virtues without borders’. 

But how, precisely should we aim to practise these virtues in the context of a growing, dynamic and nationally rooted but outward looking school?

Firstly, I want all our pupils here at HD Ningbo to develop the wisdom to discern that true maturity comes not through the seeking of privilege, but through the acceptance of responsibility. To this end, our teaching staff here will encourage all pupils to ask themselves the question: 'What can I do for HD Ningbo?', because herein lies the route to lasting personal and professional fulfilment as an adult.

Secondly, it is central to our mission that our pupils develop the empathy to look after all members of the community, including the most vulnerable, so that everyone has his or her own dignity. This approach should permeate each and every aspect of School life. 

Thirdly comes the courage to look outwards, so that our pupils learn through their experience of how people live and work both in their own country and on the international stage. Such an outlook takes away arrogance and replaces it with true confidence - the confidence that sees change as an opportunity rather than a threat and thus prepares pupils for the rapidly evolving world that awaits them once they leave.

We will ensure that all our teachers seek to exemplify and illuminate these values as we guide your children on their exciting journey. As parents you can be proud of the efforts your sons and daughters are making thus far!

Best wishes,

Robert Holroyd

Chief Academic Director