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Robert Holroyd Chief Academic Director

Welcome to HD Ningbo School and thank you for visiting our website. We also encourage you to visit our two beautiful Ningbo campuses, see the state- of-the art facilities and vibrant school life in action.

HD Schools is a unique educational organisation, passionate about educating Chinese Nationals in an environment that balances a deep respect for the Chinese culture, while at the same time embracing the best of international education. Our teaching staff are both Chinese and international professionals and the school is a happy and vibrant bi-lingual community.  Our pupils range from 2 to 18 years, beginning in our bi-lingual Montessori Kindergarten and leaving us, as young adults, to join world renowned universities around the world. We are very proud of our recent alumni who have joined University College London and the University of Warwick in the UK and University of British Columbia and McGill University in the US, amongst others.

At the core of our educational journey lies, a love of Chinese language, history and culture as exemplified in the classic 5th century Chinese text ‘In Moderation’, which invites its readers to embrace the values of wisdom, empathy and courage, and apply them not only to their own immediate environment, but also to the world beyond. Our pupils here at HD Ningbo develop the wisdom to discern that true maturity comes not through the seeking of privilege, but through the acceptance of responsibility. Pupils also develop the empathy to look after all members of the community, including the most vulnerable, so that everyone has his or her own dignity. Thirdly comes the courage to see change as an opportunity, rather than a threat, and prepares pupils for the rapidly evolving world that awaits them once they leave.

Whether you are a potential new parent, student or staff member, we look forward to welcoming you or answering any questions you may have. Please see useful contact details below.

Robert Holroyd

Chief Academic Director