HD Ningbo School

Primary Curriculum Highlights

Physical Education Programme

The Physical Education and Sport Programs emphasise the value of character development through opportunities in both individual and team-based environments. At Ningbo HD we promote a personalised learning culture around one’s physical self. Our highly skilled staff and coaches guide our students on a journey of growth acknowledging the improvements, challenges and developments along the way.

We believe that positive influences in Physical Education and sport are life altering. Looking beyond teaching a class or conducting training, P.E. teachers and sport coaches impact students by offering them valuable life lessons, role models to look up to and the knowledge and tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Physical activity is the cornerstone of the P.E. Curriculum. The Physical Education Program has been carefully designed to consider the physical development needs of our students while featuring golf, tennis, football, swimming, and team sports as specialist units within the curriculum.


Within the P.E. programme, opportunities exist for all of our students to participate in such events as tabloid sports day, house-based sports days, internal team sports competitions, our annual sports day and the house cup. 


Ningbo HD is a member of local and international sports associations. Within these, our students have the opportunity to participate in football, basketball, tennis, track & field, hockey, dance, badminton, swimming, and cross-country running teams with regularly scheduled tournaments and competitions.