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HD Ningbo School

Secondary Curriculum

Physical Education

The Physical Education and Sport Programs at HD Ningbo help develop character in our students through individual and team opportunities. Everyone is different and we work with individuals to help them understand their bodies and physical capabilities. Our highly skilled staff and coaches guide our students on a journey of growth, acknowledging the improvements, challenges and developments along the way.

We believe that positive influences in Physical Education and sport are life altering. Our P.E. teachers and sport coaches positively impact students by offering them valuable life lessons, role models to look up to and the knowledge and tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity is the cornerstone of the P.E. Curriculum. The Physical Education Program has been carefully designed to consider the physical development needs of our students and features Golf, Tennis, Football, Swimming, Basketball, Hockey and Team Sports as specialist units within the curriculum.

Within the P.E. Program, opportunities exist for all of our students to participate in such events as our annual Sports Day, House-Based Sports Days, internal team sports competitions, the House Cup, and the Olympics. 

HD Ningbo School is a full member of two sports associations: Ningbo Schools Sports Association (NSSA), which currently operates with local international schools in Ningbo, and the Shanghai Schools Sports Association (SSSA), which includes more than 25 full member schools in Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces.

Within these associations, our students have the opportunity to participate in football, basketball, tennis, track & field, hockey, dance, badminton, swimming, and cross-country running teams with regularly scheduled tournaments and competitions.