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HD Qingdao Wanda School

Campus Features

Air Quality Control

The HD campus is equipped with Carrier and York fresh air purification system and upgraded the filtration system .The fresh air purification system can make the indoor room full of high clean fresh air and able to absorb formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful gases, ensures that indoor PM2.5 index is below 10 μ g / m3. The school will monitor the air quality every day. When the outdoor air pollution is serious, the doors and windows of the classroom will be closed, and the fresh air system will be opened to ensure that the indoor air quality is always healthy and in good condition.


We always focus on food health and safety as we believe that the quality of catering service can also reflect the quality and attitude of the school. Qingdao Wanda HD is committed to supplying food that will help build strong bodies, sharp minds and establish the foundation for a long, healthy life. Our main priority as a school to ensure the food we provide is safe, healthy, nutritious and balanced. All the ingredients we use are traceable. Our school also promotes a "transparent kitchen" scheme. A large screen has been set up in the dining hall to display the on-site process in the kitchen. Staff will be able to monitor the daily work of the kitchen in real time through the big screen to make sure we maintain high standards of food safety.

School Buses

The school has chosen to cooperate with Jiaoyun Group Qingdao to provide our bus service. In order to ensure the safety of every student, every school bus is equipped with a skilled driver and a well-trained Bus Monitor, who will keep in touch with our parents. Each bus is equipped with a GPS system, and this will enable parents to track the bus route and predict arrival times. All of our driving routes, pick up points and procedures are approved and filed by the Traffic Bureau. The bus will strictly follow regulations such as speed limits. Finally, as a school, we have emergency procedures in place to deal with issues that may arise on the bus, and we make sure parents are aware of these.

Pest Control

As our professional pest control service provider, Rentokil Initial, uses an Integrated Pest Management approach, to ensure that our education facilities are not compromised. Rentokil Initial continually monitors our facilities to minimize the risk of pest infestation and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students.


To ensure the safety of all students, teachers, staff and their property there are professional and well-trained security guards on duty 24/7 in the school campus. The School Operations Department is also monitoring the school to guarantee that all academic related activities and events are held in an orderly and safe fashion.