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Enrichment Program

“A good guiding principle for the design of elementary schooling is that it should help children find their passion – the thing they love to do. For me the whole idea of school is that it exposes children to things that they would not otherwise come across. Schooling should literally, broaden the mind.”

Dylan Wiliam 2015 – Influential teacher, consultant and UK government adviser.

At HD Qingdao the Extra Curricular Activity programme is central to what we offer as a school. The programme covers a wide spectrum of activities designed to provide our children with as rich a range of experiences as possible. Children can extend their learning or develop a new passion in areas such as academics, arts, and sports. While your children are with us, we want them to broaden their range of interests so that they develop a truly well-rounded perspective.

Many of our ECAs are provided by our teaching staff and offer the children an opportunity to develop a talent or passion in a more informal context than the regular school day. We use outside vendors to suppliment the range of opportunities that we provide. An example of some of the ECAs we offer include:handball,chinese calligraphy ,African drum, cartoon painting,vedio creation plus many more. As the school develops we will also offer academic ECAs where children are provided with an opportunity to receive extra support in areas where they may currently lack confidence so that they are more likely to experience academic success going forward. 

Teachers use the programme to reinforce the idea that hard work, good manners and a respectful nature are as important to learn as any academic concept. We want our students to develop their wisdom, empathy and courage in everything that they do. 

At the end of each semester, we hold an Open Day where our parents are invited to come and witness for themselves the progress the children have made during their time with each activity.

Every semester our students are free to choose from a broad range of activities that best suit their current needs or interests. By choosing 3 possible ECAs each semester, we hope that our students will be able to gain a broad range of experiences and interest, which they will take forwards with them.