HD Qingdao Wanda School




Our vision is to nurture globally aware Chinese citizens rooted in their own heritage yet passionate about their engagement with the wider world.

HD Schools are centered around Chinese families where Chinese values are fully embedded. We believe that the essence of education is to establish a connection between ourselves, the wider world and the society of the future.

We focus on exploring innovative models of integration in a bilingual environment, giving Chinese children the ability and confidence to cooperate with others across cultures whilst maintaining their own roots, thus becoming globally competitive and resilient individuals with the awareness to make wise judgements and to commit to a lifelong love of learning.

Key Paths

The key paths that we will follow to realise our vision are :

  • A tailored education system to help each student find their inner drive, search for and identify their personal goals and achieve their full potential.      
  • A comprehensive rollout of the Chinese Integrated Curriculum, featuring broad themes and interdisciplinary content, giving children the self-awareness to shape their own cultural identity whilst understanding others.
  • The creation of a multi-disciplinary and immersive international curriculum to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration amongst global citizens.    
  • Comprehensive data-driven monitoring and evaluation systems to nurture excellence and instil confidence over a broad range of subjects.
  • An innovative Design Thinking methodology to teach children empathy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • A self-evolving learning community equipped with the curiosity, mentality and the ability to perform to high standards.