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HD Qingdao Wanda School

Admissions Policy


HD Qingdao School seeks to offer educational opportunities to all eligible students who identify with the school’s core values. We provide bilingual education to students from Chinese backgrounds.

Depending on the applicant's grade, there will be different requirements for the applicants.Applicants need to fill in application form and attend interviews. HD Qingdao School looks for students with distinctive qualities and outstanding performance in our assessments.  

Entry Level

This school year runs from August until June. Children or students are initially placed in a grade according to age, but English language ability, past schooling experience, test results and discussions with parents enable the school to determine the most appropriate grade.

2022-2023 HD Qingdao School offers the following grades: 



In some cultures children are considered to be 1 on the day of their birth ie, at the beginning of their first year. In others they are not regarded as 1 until the end of their first year. Consequently in some cultures children might be regarded as being a year older than they would be in another culture. 

In this guide to your child’s initial year level placement, it has been assumed that children turn 1 at the end of their 1st year, 2 at the end of their 2nd year, 3 at the end of their 3rd year etc.