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HD Qingdao Wanda School

Leadership Team


The Chief Academic Officer, Academic Director, and Principals all have rich experience in managing bilingual schools and international schools. The international teachers come from various English-speaking countries (including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Australia) and are professionally qualified. The Chinese teaching team are all well-experienced teachers from international schools or public schools and are led by academically outstanding teachers. Every member of our teaching team embraces education with full passion and commitment to academic excellence. 

Teachers get to know each child as an individual and offer a personalised education for each child. We offer a unique curriculum integrated with character education.

Zhencun Li
Chief Academic Officer of ELITE K12 Education Group

Zhencun Li was the Founder of Chinese Integrated Curriculum in the Primary Sector and member of Steering Committee for Basic Education Curriculum Material with the Ministry of Education. He was the former Founding Principal of Yizhuang (Etown) Branch of Beijing National Day School. He is the Chief Editor of Contemporary Education & Dean of Contemporary Education Institute.

Warren Johnston
Chief Academic Officer of ELITE K12 Education Group

Warren Johnston, the Chief Academic Officer of ELITE K12 Education Group, was formerly the founding Executive Principal of Shanghai YK Pao School, and the Primary School Headmaster of German Swiss International School. In addition to his unique personality and excellent leadership, he also has a profound insight into both Chinese and international culture. Warren enjoys a strong reputation as an excellent educator within China’s international education community.

Dr. Robert Holroyd
Chief Academic Officer of ELITE K12 Education Group

Robert Holroyd is a graduate of Oxford University and an internationalist with over 25 years' management experience in schools in the UK and abroad. Prior to joining HD schools, Robert was Headmaster of Repton School, UK, and during his thirteen-year tenure of this post, he was privileged to internationalize the Repton brand in multiple locations across the world including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and India.

Wanny Hersey
Chief Academic Officer of ELITE K12 Education Group

Wanny Hersey is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and is a pioneer in educational innovation and reform, with over 35 years' experience in public education, covering elementary,

middle, and high schools in the USA and Canada. Prior to joining EliteK12, Wanny was the Founder and Superintendent for 15 years at Bullis Charter School in Los Altos, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Under Wanny's leadership, BCS has been recognized not only for its consistent top 1% academic ranking but also as a state Gold Ribbon and national Blue Ribbon School for its STEAM, Project-Based Learning, and Design Thinking curricula.

Christopher James Dawe
International Principal of Secondary School,HD Qingdao School

Chris holds a PhD degree from University College London and a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has an American principal certification and 15 years of experience in school management. He previously served as the founding foreign principal of a well-known bilingual school in Shenyang. In his previous work, he has been involved in IB authorization, WASC accreditation, and curriculum design projects.

Li Suxiang
Middle School Academic Director. Principal of Middle School, HD Qingdao School.

Ms. Li, Suxiang is a secondary senior teacher, national famous principal, national excellence teacher, an expert who receives special subsidies from China State Council, award receiver of the 4th Mingyuan Education Forum, national innovative principal, national famous curriculum modification principal, national excellence principal, Shandong provincial special Math teacher, Huangdao District People’s Congress Representative.


Ms. Li, Suxiang is also knows as “the educator that grow up in the classroom”. She has hosted over 10 national curriculum studies, published 16 educational books and over 30 study papers.


Ms. Li, Suxiang used to lead the Qingdao Development District Experimental Middle School and obtained the first place in the High School Entrance Examination for 8 consecutive years. She has also served as the principal of YuCai Middle School since 2013, turn the school into a famous school in only 3 years.

Sauce Sun
Principal of High School, HD Qingdao School

Sauce Sun has previously served as the International Division Curriculum Coordinator (concurrently the Physics Department Head) at the Beijing National Day School, the Science Subject Director at Tsinghua Affiliated High School - Beijing Kaiwen Bilingual School, an International Education Researcher in the Haidian District of Beijing, and a counselor for Oxford, Cambridge, and US undergraduate admissions at the Yige Education Group. He has rich experience in educational and teaching management, excels at personalized instruction, and is adept at uncovering students' unique characteristics to help them achieve extraordinary lives.

Elly Yang
Academic Leader and Vice Principal, HD Qingdao School

Holds a master's degree from the University of Manchester, with 16 years of teaching experience.

AP Coordinator and AP Workshop Certified Teacher from the College Board, USA

Officially certified TOEFL instructor and TOEFL youth training teacher by ETS, EPQ officially certified supervisor

Has previously served as the Vice Principal and Academic Principal at multiple renowned international schools, guiding many students to gain admission to prestigious universities such as Cambridge University, Cornell University, and Johns Hopkins University.

Yanyan Ge
Middle School Chinese Deputy Principal, HD Qingdao School

Model Teacher in Qingdao

Previously served as the Vice Principal of Qingdao West Coast New Area Experimental Junior High School

Outstanding Young Talent in the Qingdao West Coast New Area

Has won numerous first-place awards for provincial open classes and excellent lessons

Li Hongxia
Principal of Primary School, HD Qingdao School

Li Hongxia is a famous special-grade teacher ,having been teaching for 30 years,she made a change in the traditional teaching method by incorporating her own creation of “Integrated Teaching Method”.What’s more, under the premise of respecting the development of talents, she created the “Happiness Classroom” curriculum system. She taught in a well-known school in Haidian, Beijing as a talent introduction.Her monograph "Creating a Happy Classroom" was published by the Educational Science Press and then quickly became a best seller.Her teaching innovations and educational concepts were reported by many national and provincial media, such as "People's Education", "China Education News", "China Teacher's Daily", "Contemporary Educator"and so on.


Li Hongxia advocates that educators should stay humble and view education in the perspective of children. In this way, children will not be "enslaved" and "restricted" by rules. What she hopes for is to start a school that is earnest for education.

Kelsey Williams
Primary International Deputy Principal, HD Qingdao School

Kelsey Williams holds a Bachelor's degree with honors in Education. She has 12 years of primary school teaching experience, having worked in the UK, South Africa, Indonesia, and China. She is passionate about ensuring our students strive for academic excellence, while also focusing on nurturing their growth in this ever-changing world.

Nancy Yan
Group Academic Director & Deputy Principal of the Primary School Division, HD Qingdao School

Graduated with a Master's degree in English and Applied Linguistics from the University of Cambridge

Member of the Cambridge Overseas Scholars Association

PDQ Program Trainer at the Cambridge Assessment Examinations

Has previously worked in academic research, training, and management roles at multiple large international education groups

Anna Zhang
Primary Chinese Deputy Principal, HD Qingdao School

Bachelor of Arts, with 19 years of teaching experience

Has been awarded the titles of Excellent Head Teacher and Model Moral Educator

Has served as a Vice Principal at multiple progressive private schools

Extensive experience in teaching and management, adept at designing thematic and project-based learning. Multiple teaching design articles have been published in renowned domestic journals.

Renee Zhang
Principle of Kindergarten, HD Qingdao School

AMI(International montessori certificate)3-6 certified teacher, with more than 10 years of kindergarten teaching and management experience.Parents always give her a thumbs up when they comes to Renee. She worked as a teaching director and lecturer of a positive management of a famous bilingual kindergarten in Beijing.As a Montessori practitioner with rich teaching experience ,she knows the importance of 0-6-year-old children's education and the changes Montessori education brings to children, she has been committed to continuous research and practice in this field.