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Primary Class Teacher
Release Date:2018-11-15
Post responsibility:

Basic Qualifications 

1.A good degree from an established university 

2.PGCE or QTS  

Personal Qualities 

1.Ability to inspire pupils with a love of learning 

2.Ability to stretch and develop the most able pupils, whilst also ensuring that the English curriculum remains accessible to all 

3.Willingness to contribute to all aspects of school life 

4.Strong personal-relations and team-working skills 

5.Ability to use ICT to enhance learning 

6.Good administrative and organisational abilities 

7.Good communication skills 

8.Ability to understand the needs, challenges and opportunities of an international school community 

9.Rigorous can-do attitude 

10.A positive team player with a sense of humour 


Teaching and Learning 

1.to plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences for all children 

2.to prepare the teaching environment for meaningful class activities  

3.to provide a variety of learning materials and resources 

4.to ensure that the teaching equipment and resources are well managed 

5.to have a thorough understanding of the purpose and aims of the HD Qingdao School’s educational ethos 

6.to always set high expectations, which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils 

7.to establish and communicate clearly the learning intentions for all activities 

8.to use all relevant technology to support understanding and development  

9.to identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet the children’s varying needs  

10.to evaluate learning experiences and outcomes for children’s continual improvement 

11.to assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assessments in line with HD Qingdao’s policies 

12.to develop the best combination of British and Chinese approaches to deliver a personalised bi-lingual curriculum 

13.to ensure that an acceptable standard of pupils’ behaviour is clearly stated and consistently maintained 

14.to ensure that all pupils are treated with respect – fairly and equally 

15.to ensure outstanding pastoral care in line with HD Qingdao’s policies and expectations 

Communication and Co-operation 

1.to work co-operatively and supportively with all members of staff 

2.to share information, ideas and resources with colleagues 

3.to develop supportive and productive relationships with parents 

4.to maintain accurate and complete records of children’s development 

5.to participate in departmental, school-based and parental meetings 

6.to share assessment data and ensure that it is appropriately archived 

7.to prepare required reports on children and their activities 

8.to participate in the supervisory duties shared by all members of staff 

9.to participate in the co-curricular life of the school 

10.to play a full part in the corporate life of the School 

11.to support the School’s image and profile in the community 


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