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HD Qingdao Wanda School

Secondary Curriculum


STEAM blends a variety of scientific subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It transcends the boundaries of subjects, and encourages students to solve practical problems.


At HD schools, STEAM has become one of our most distinguished courses where students explore various given projects in a group setting. Secondary students, for example, engaged in a project to construct 3D model of a campus. During a given period, students independently completed on-site measurements of each building, consolidated all the data collected on a 2D plan, and finally drew a 3D model using Sketchup software.


We believe the STEAM course is able to open up students’ imagination, develop their cognitive visualization and abstract thinking, which is far superior to mere knowledge input alone. STEAM has exceeded our traditional way of thinking when it comes to what a course should look like. While traditional methods emphasize the grasping of knowledge related to unique conclusions, STEAM provides the ability to engage in hands-on projects which allows for more than one solution. As a result, students are fully engaged in learning and eventually learned how to learn. Consequently, students are prepared with both the knowledge and techniques they need to solve real-life problems.