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HD Qingdao Wanda School

School Introduction


HD Qingdao Wanda School was established in September 2018, and is a high-end private bilingual school which strives to foster a global perspective and integrates the best of Chinese and Western culture to develop the talents of the children it serves. 

The school is rooted in Chinese traditions and aims to create cultural ambassadors who are able to adapt and be successful within an international context. We have developed an innovative educational philosophy and we aim to nurture our students so that they can become global citizens and leaders.

Our primary, kindergarten and secondary schools are already open and we plan to open our high schools in the near future.

Established: September 2018

Student age: 3-12 years old. 

Grades: K12 (currently kindergarten ,primary,secondary)

School type: Full time private bilingual school

School space: 86,000 sqm

Curriculum: Integrated Chinese national curriculum with a British influenced International Curriculum.

Boarding program: The medium and high grades students can apply for boarding

Maximum capacity: 1600-1900

Tuition: Kindergarten: 120,000RMB/year, Primary 150,000RMB/year,Secondary 180,000RMB/year

Other fees: school bus, uniforms, and meals

Teaching languages: Chinese and English

Class size: 25 students

Teacher to Student ratio: 1:4

School time: 8:10-15:30( kindergarten ,primary,secondary)

Evening self-study:18:00-19:50(secondary)

ECA time: 15:35-16:35

ECA classes: Violin, drum set,ukulele, tap dance, ballet, vocal music,performance and hosting,golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, roller skating,coding, science, Chinese painting, painting, chess, ceramic, creative arts, comprehensive quality courses plus many more.

School facility: 3 School buildings (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school), 2 gymnasiums, 1 library, 1 auditorium, 5 dormitory, 3 outdoor sports fields

School clinic: Full time school doctor and nurses