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Enrichment Program

ASA is short for After School Activities. HD offers new choices for students in their spare time in these three aspects, Academics, Arts, and Sports, aiming to cultivate students’ interest and talents through extra-curricular education.

HD always focuses on students’ after-school activities, so we have several clubs, academic clubs and ASA courses. These consist of the chorus, classical music, pottery, arts and calligraphy, while the academic clubs aim at improving students’ academic abilities. Each ASA course is a boutique from the teaching team, some are particularly popular such as Basic French, Drama Club, Golf and Advanced Swimming.

HD arranges the students’ in-class and after-class experiences to focus on their achievements in sports and arts. We think that school education is responsible for the interests, trying to cultivate and develop the students’ these during their school time.

ASAs focus on cultivating students’ comprehensive abilities, unique thinking, superb execution, and resource integration. The ASA is a course taught during the semester. At the end of each semester, we hold an “Open Day” on which parents and teachers are invited to watch the performances of the students, to experience and assess their learning outcomes.

There is no fixed pattern on course selection for our students, especially the students in lower grades who are still in the exploration stage. Each student is free to choose 1-3 ASA courses of their interests to enrich their school life.