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HD Shanghai

Campus Features

Campus Security

School safety and security is our top priority. Our school is equipped with professional security personnel on duty 24 hours a day to ensure the personal and property security of students, faculty and visitors.


All people must swipe the cards through gate sentry with the permission of security personnel when entering school. Parents and faculty must show your own parent cards or employee cards. Visitors need to show valid identification, such as ID cards, passports to register and get your passes. A member of staff will then escort visitors into school.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

There are evacuation maps and instructions in every classroom. We organise regular evacuation drills to ensure that students and faculty are familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures. If the alarm goes off, parents in school and visitors must follow the same rules: evacuate calmly and immediately. Parents should not try to go to their children’s classrooms as this could seriously impede teachers evacuating students.  

Health Room

The health room is equipped with full-time health care teachers and school doctors who can cope with various emergency situations in a timely manner.


If the student’s temperature is higher than 100F or has severe vomiting, school doctors will contact parents for medical treatment. Students need to be kept at home under observation for 48 hours if such instances should occur.


According to relevant regulations, school doctors are not allowed to give students medicines. If students need to take medication, school doctors will give students medicines depending on the prescription. Students’ personal medicines should not be kept in the health room. School doctors will ask students to bring the unused medicines back home.


If students or their sibilings are suffering from infectious diseases, parents are asked ti inform school immediately. Students need to kept at home under observetion and are not allowed to come to school until students themselves or their sibilings recover. Students need to provide certificate of recovery when they return to school.


To ensure a healthy and safe campus environment, the security will be responsible for monitoring the temperature of all people entered school in the week after the holiday. The students who take the school buses should be monitored the temperature by bus mother. When the temperature is higher than 100F, students should be kept at home under observation.

No hats, No play

We encourage students to play outdoors during break and lunch time. To protect children from ultraviolet radiation, students need to wear their hats, preferable the HD school hats.

AQI Policy

HD is committed to providing students with a healthy and safe study and living environment. A High-quality central ventilation system is installed in teaching buildings to ensure clean air for students and faculty even in hazy days.


Data Reference: Songjiang AQI at

The actions from the school are as follows:



  • AQI 120 or below – School life as usual; PE and play as usual (Green)
  • AQI above 120 – No PE Classes outside; all classroom windows and doors are CLOSED (Yellow)


Primary & Secondary:

  • AQI 150 or below – School life as usual; PE and play as usual (Green)
  • AQI 150-200 – No PE Classes outside; break times as usual; choice of staying inside the library; All classroom windows and doors are CLOSED (Yellow)
  • AQI above 200 – All break times inside (wet weather duties); classroom windows and doors are CLOSED; PE inside (Red)