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HD Beijing School

Primary Curriculum

Immersive International Curriculum

The ultimate objective of the HD International Curriculum is to develop a global horizon, an understanding of different cultures and to become a globalized citizen. We strive to provide an immersive bilingual environment to cultivate students’ English skills. Under a topic/genre based integrated teaching model, the English curriculum mirrors the Chinese curriculum’s thematic approach which is centered around the child. International education elements are fully integrated into courses such as Art, Science, Physical Education and ICT, providing students with fresh and unique learning experience. 

English teaching is a critical part of the education that HD Beijing School offers. Referenced by the English National Curriculum Framework, our English program aligns with the English National Curriculum learning objectives and assessment outcomes, with the aim being that the children master near-native proficiency by the end of each grade in an immersive language environment. At HDBJ, students are at the center of learning. Teachers utilise backward-by-design and spiral planning to make sure learning is targeted and differentiated. With an interdisciplinary approach, students apply their English skills in other subjects and in a variety of activities hosted by the school or through a ‘House’ system. An IPC (International Primary Curriculum) strand is also added for Prep to incorporate other subject areas such as Geography and History, to ensure that a child’s personal development is central to their primary school experience. Combining genre-based learning and focused teaching under an overarching topic, where possible, we endeavor to build natural links between the English and Chinese curriculum.