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HD Beijing School

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A good school serves as a new start for students, which broadens students’ horizon and equips them with essential skills and mindset for the future. The HD Bilingual School provides professional and consistent college counseling throughout each student’s entire middle school years. 


Starting from year 6th, the HD School will host regular college counseling meetings for parents and students. Moreover, there will be seminars held by admission officers from top-notch oversea universities, and they will share crucial strategies and tips about the college admission processes.


As students stepping into the high school stage, there will be one-on-one career development and college counseling sessions. During these sessions, college counselor will assist students in course selection, identify universities and colleges selection that are a good match for their abilities, needs, and interests, and support them throughout the college application process.


College counseling is a required weekly course for students from grade 9 to 12. The college counselor will provide the professional and best possible counseling experience for each student based on his/her needs, encourage students’ comprehensive, thoughtful, and deep self-exploration, do the utmost to help student learn about admission trends and procedure, and serve as emotional support and informative resources for students throughout the high school years. 


The College Counseling team at the HD brings together graduates and admission officers from top-notch higher education institutions, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and Dartmouth College. Besides, the HD School shares a close connection with admission officers and former admission officers from well-known oversea universities. They will provide thorough guidance to educate students on school and course selection, college essay writing, interview preparation, and etc., as well as support students in exploring their interests and goals and fulfilling their potentials.