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HD Beijing School

School Introduction


HD Beijing School was established in September 2017, and is a high end private K12 bilingual school which strives to foster a global perspective and integrates the best of Chinese and Western culture to develop the talents of the children it serves. 

The school is rooted in Chinese traditional culture and aims to create Chinese cultural ambassadors who are able to adapt and be successful in an international context. We have an innovative educational philosophy and aim to develop our students so that they can become global leaders.

Each classroom shares a national and international homeroom teacher, with younger grades also benefitting from a bilingual learning facilitator to support our innovative approach to education. 

Established: September 2017

Student age: 3-16 years old

Grades: primary and secondary grades

School type: Full time private bilingual school

School space: 60,000 sqm

Curriculum: Blending the best of western educational pedagogy with Chinese curriculum, HD Beijing School provides students with a balanced, bilingual and global learning experience.

Maximum capacity: 1000+

Teaching languages: Chinese and English

Class size: 25 students

Teacher to Student ratio: 1:5

School time: 8:25-15:50

ECA time: 16:00-17:00

ECA classes: Cello, violin, dulcimer, piano, drum set, ukulele, fashion design, architecture design, Chinese traditional art, paper art, international chess, voice choir, hip-hop, soft and hard nib calligraphy, dodgeball, tag rugby, baseball, swimming, golf, tennis, physical training, science, programming, 3D printing, robotic model building design etc.

Primary campus is comprised of 1 school building, 1 indoor swimming pool, 1 sports dome, 2 basketball fields, 1 football field, 2 tennis courts. Totally 24 classrooms, 13 specialist classrooms, 1 bilingual library and 1 auditorium.

Secondary campus is comprised of 2 school buildings with 36 classrooms, laboratories, library and auditorium. Sports facilities include 1 gym, 2 basketball fields, 1 football field and tennis court, squash, golf and fencing area.