HD Beijing School
Curriculum Overview

Developed under the guidance of National Curriculum Standards, HD Integrated Chinese Curriculum aims to help children develop an understanding of themselves, nature and the world around them. HD Integrated Chinese Curriculum advocates theme-based interdisciplinary learning, and project-based learning. The Chinese curriculum has the following objectives: 

Cultivate children’s character

In HD, the primary goal of education is to create character. The child's learning begins with an understanding of themselves, progressing to an understanding of nature and society, ultimately resulting in a greater character. The Chinese curriculum stimulates children's initiative, and sense of achievement resonating with their developmental stage. From a young, age our curriculum helps children build a sense of security and self-confidence. In higher grades, our learning guides the children to explore their own self, challenge themselves to overcome difficulties, and help them to understand the journey of life. 

Develop children's strong literacy skills

To nurture an interest in reading, intensive reading starts with story books and bridge books in Grades 1 & 2, to complete readings of millions of words in Grades 3 & 4 and reading classic literature in Grade 5.  

In HD Beijing we believe writing creates a true dialogue with others, the world, and oneself. Through a life-relevant study that provides profound experiences and stimulates thinking, our children develop strong writing skills to express themselves.  

Develop children’s problem-solving skills 

In order to cultivate our students’ mathematical thinking as our core purpose, the Maths curriculum emphasises useful application, interdisciplinary, and logic focused learning. Students learn a range of maths skills through games and stories, collaboration and small group work. They are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge into their daily lives, and truly engage in the fun of learning mathematics. Maths classes at HD Beijing are thus characterised by a more challenging, fun and engaging learning climate.  

Cultivate the Chinese soul of children

Whilst encouraging our students to become global citizens, we also focus on building the student’s understanding of Chinese tradition. HD traditional culture curriculum emphasises that classic learning must be related to the children’s lives. Through learning about traditional culture, we aim to develop our children’s understanding of the essence of traditional culture and to build a connection with their own lives. 

Related Courses
Integrated Chinese Curriculum

The Chinese language is at the foundation of Chinese culture and contains the nation’s spiritual genes. The Integrated Chinese curriculum at HD Schools is designed to develop Chinese language capability, together with enabling students to understand the fundamentals of Chinese culture, allowing them to become globalised citizens with Chinese roots.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a set of methodologies that focus on people-oriented, innovative solutions. As a set of systematic innovative thinking theory originated from Silicon Valley, design thinking can not only cultivate students innovative competitiveness, but also help to strengthen empathy, resilience and social skills ability. Therefore, it is widely used in education systems from kindergarten to university in western countries.

From CASA to secondary, HD offers students a systematic series of design thinking courses. Unlike traditional STEM courses, which focus on individual things and technical knowledge, design-thinking classes offer a richer and more diverse range of interdisciplinary learning and practices through Arts, ICT, Handcrafts, Science and Design classes integrated into the curriculum. From the formation of innovative thinking habits to the cultivation of self-dependent innovation, students will gradually become the discoverer and problem solver of real-world issues. They will become future talents who are more resourceful and dare to explore.

Physical Education programme

At HD Schools, the objective of Physical Education is to help our students to become physically fit, improve their competence, develop character, learn skills and become knowledgeable about sports. We want them to be global sportspersons.

Library Curriculum

Beijing HD Library is aimed at creating a friendly, inclusive and free reading environment so that it becomes a place well-liked by students. Reading serves for ability and delight. The library boasts not only the printed and digital reading materials superadded to school curriculum but also the latest best-selling children’s books and classic comic books.


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