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HD Beijing School


Leadership Team of HD Beijing School

Welcome to HD Beijing. In visiting our school, we hope that you will get a sense of a school that shines with life. At HD Beijing we value learning and strive to create self-worth, wisdom and the spirit to taking up any challenge in our learners. We wholly believe that our students and teachers make our campus the vibrant environment that it is and personify the culture of our school, bringing China and the world at large closer together.

It is the mission and pursuit of HD educators to cultivate students with “wisdom, empathy and courage” and we see this every day, as our students arrive on campus ready to learn; to become the best person they can be.

We are proud that HD Beijing has gathered a group of educators with heart. No one can nurture qualities in others that they do not possess themselves, so to cultivate positive qualities in children, the teacher must first possess them. Every HD teacher strives to pursue their own growth whilst driving the children's growth. The culture amongst HD teachers, including the eagerness to better themselves, persevere and show genuine kindness, has become the best influence for our children. 

We hope that you can join us in our mission to creating a campus which shines with warmth, friendliness and charm. We look forward to welcoming you here.

Amy Chang | National Principal of Primary School, HD Beijing School

Yang Yucui | National Executive Principal of Primary School, HD Beijing School

Kim Fisher | International Principal of Primary School, HD Beijing School

Victoria Yang | Principal of Secondary School, HD Beijing School