HD Beijing School
Welcome Notes
Welcome Notes
Chang, Lihua | Yang, Yucui

HD Beijing School is a school that shines.

Here, everyone has the dignity of life;

Here, learning means the realisation of wisdom, challenges and self-worth;

Here, teachers and students are the masters and creators of campus life.

Here, we jointly create a culture, and are nourished by this culture;

Here, China and the world are inseparable words.

It is the mission and pursuit of HD educators to cultivate students with “wisdom, love and courage”.

Every day, the children walk happily onto the campus in the morning light. It is a pleasant experience for HD students to learn how to study, and to learn how to become the best person they can be.

That HD Beijing School has gathered a group of educators with heart, makes us proud. 

No one can nurture qualities in others that they do not possess themselves, so to cultivate positive qualities in children, the teacher must first possess them themselves. Every HD teacher strives to pursue their own growth whilst also driving the children's growth. The culture amongst HD teachers, including the eagerness for bettering themselves, perseverance and genuine kindness, has become the best influence for our children. 

Children who shine, teachers who shine and a campus that shines.

HD Beijing School is bright, warm, friendly and charming. 

Chang, Lihua

Principal of Primary School, HD Beijing School

Yang Yucui

Deputy Principal of Primary School, HD Beijing School

A warm welcome to Hurtwood House Beijing, a bilingual school offering a holistic, academically rigorous programme that fosters the development of globalised Chinese citizens. 

Our international team, comprised of 9 nationalities, deliver a comprehensive, robust programme, using standards referenced from the English National Curriculum, which have been adapted for our second language learners. Thematically, our units have been developed to link with the Chinese curriculum themes, in order to provide our students with an enriched bilingual learning experience. 

At HDBJ, we recognise that every child is special. Our focus is on nurturing the whole child – emotionally, socially and academically, in a safe and positive learning environment. 

We believe this aim is supported by the cultivation of a strong whole school community, where we all work together to achieve common goals and promote the love of learning. As such, we continuously endeavour to find ways in which to involve our parents.

Visitors often comment about the warmth, sense of community, and happiness that they feel at HD Beijing School, which is reflected in the smiling faces of our lovely children. 

To experience this for yourself, please contact our Admissions’ office. We look forward to meeting you.

Best Regards,

Ms. Jodi L Ingersoll

Principal of Primary School, HD Beijing School

Ms. Jodi L Ingersoll

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