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HD Beijing School

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Enrichment Program

Enrichment program offered at HD Beijing school have various forms and themes.We provide challenging, creative and diverse programs including arts, sports and academic subjects.

By participating in these activities, students further develop their ability in four aspects: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Examples of our enrichment programs include, but are not limited to, cello, violin, dulcimer, piano, drum set, ukulele, fashion design, architecture design, Chinese traditional art, paper art, international chess, voice choir, hip-hop, soft and hard nib calligraphy, baseball, swimming, golf, tennis, physical training, science, programming, 3D printing, robotic model building design etc.

We continuously develop and enrich our programs to satisfy our children’s needs, expand their exposure and nurture interests. HD reasonably arranges the students’ in-class and after-class life, focusing on their achievements in sports and arts. We think that school education is responsible for the interests, trying to cultivate and develop the students’ interests during their school time. Therefore, students will have more time enjoying parent-child moments and family education.

Aiming at “Intelligence, Empathy & Courage”, EP focuses on cultivating students’ comprehensive abilities, unique thinking, superb execution, and resources integration. The EP is a lectured course taught during the semester. At the end of each semester, we will be holding an “Open Day” on which parents and teachers will be invited to watch the performances of the students, to experience and assess the students' learning outcomes.

At the same time, there is no fixed pattern on course selection on our students, especially the students in lower grades are still in the exploration stage. The single-choice curriculum structure is not conducive to students' interest discovery and sentiment training, so each student is free to choose 1-3 EP courses of their interests to enrich their school life.