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Stellar learners: the HD approach to student enrichment

Each semester, we invite a range of experts into all our schools so that, in the best Confucian tradition, the young have the opportunity learn from expert masters right across the professions to inspire a spirit of innovation and critical thinking.

Chinese astronomers such as the legendary Shi Shen were amongst the first in history to identify the importance of light as a source of learning and truth. Their ideas were passed from East to West, where Sir Isaac Newton, the great English cosmologist, declared that ‘if I have seen further than others, it is only because I have been standing on the shoulders of giants.’ 

This concept informs HD’s approach to student enrichment. Whether in literature, science, sports or the arts, our own ‘HD team of giants’ regularly share their own experience with our pupils to guide them on a journey of discovery, creativity and the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next.