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It is necessary to provide our children a platform to expand their international horizons, an environment to expand their learning social circle, an opportunity to cultivate their independent problem-solving skills and to run in the wild during the summertime! Therefore, HD has specially designed and arranged five different summer programs for students between 5y/o-13y/o, which includes both HD summer day school programs and our tailor-made parents & kids camps.


The full camps category is attached at the end of the letter. All camps introduction is as follows:


2020 Summer Programs at Shanghai HD

This summer, the second Shanghai HD Summer School is coming as we promised last year. We continued to work with the amazing local and expat teachers, to design the unique interdisciplinary curriculum based on project-based learning method. Another priority of us this year is to ensure the safety and health of our entire school during summertime. In addition to the continuation of the campus management and protection standards during the semester, the school venues will only be open to limited summer camper to ensure the safety of each student.


We specially launched the "Relief Registration Program" for parents who are concerned about our summer school after registration. Parents can receive a full refund before submitting their withdrawal applications on June 26. This summer, we would like to offer you a triple guarantee to ensure the excellent learning experience, a safe campus environment and full refund policy. We hope you can enjoy the summer holiday.




The Silk Road Connect Us to the World

Student Group:Prep-G2 (5-8y/o)

Location:Shanghai HD Bilingual School(No 336, Rongbei Rd, Songjiang District)

How to register:Scan the QR Code in the following poster for more information and English service


Introduction: "Silk Road - Connecting us to the World "is one of the HD signature thematic camp. We have all heard the name of the Silk Road, which held hundreds of years of history, passed across Europe and Asia continent, and still influenced us today. Through the interdisciplinary curriculum design, we will explore the Silk Road with children in depth. In the five-day study, students will experience the integrated Chinese Curriculum, Design Thinking, Arts and other HD signature courses. They will explore the culture, trade and artistic treasures of the Silk Road in a realistic environment created by the teachers. On the last day of the camp, students will be a little bazaar on the Silk Road, they will become the leader of the Silk Road and demonstrate their learning results of the week in front of their parents and friends. It is worth mentioning that this camp has received a 97% praise rate from parents when it is first launched in 2019. In 2020, after three months of intense preparation, HD teachers completed a comprehensive upgrade of the curriculum and activity design. Let us look forward to the upgraded 2020 Silk Road.




The World is a Museum

Student:G3-5 (9-11y/o)

Location:Shanghai HD Bilingual School(No 336, Rongbei Rd, Songjiang District)

How to register:Scan the QR Code in the following poster for more information


Introduction: The 5-day project-based learning journey starts with one mysterious question. “Why did the ancient civilizations emerge near the 30-degree north latitude?” With this driving question, we will investigate the natural landforms and biodiversity on the 30th north latitude line and explore the mystery of the birth of life. We will search for the remains of ancient civilizations, explore the birth and demise of civilization. We will learn the fabulous ancient architecture and get to know how the ancients explore the world. The Chinese curriculum, science, art, design thinking and mathematics will be integrated to build a complete knowledge "input + output" network in student's minds. Discuss the contemporary phenomenon with the knowledge we learned from the past. Students will experience the process from understanding knowledge to apply knowledge, from independent research to team co-creation, which will lead them to the "Museum" of their own. "The world is a museum" is carefully designed by HD Chinese and expatriate teachers, dedicated to all the students who "hold the world" into their heart.




Jellyfish in Space - Back to Space


Location:Shanghai HD Bilingual School(No 336, Rongbei Rd, Songjiang District)

How to register:Scan the QR Code in the following poster for more information


Introduction: This is a project-based learning camp, Students will spend seven-day study to complete the mission of helping Jackie, the wandering jellyfish on Earth, return to space. Under the theme of space, students are provided with multi-angle reading, thinking and discussion scenarios through the integration of disciplines. Natural Science is the core foundation combined with Design Thinking and Integrated Chinese and English courses which will be delivered by drama show. In such a subtle way, we improve students' scientific inquiry ability, Chinese and English reading and writing ability, physical expression ability and public speaking ability. On the last day of the camp, students will be on the stage and present themselves to their parents with a bilingual show, “Jellyfish in Space-back to Earth”, written and acted by students. Let us wait and see how this group of students use what they have learned in one week to solve problems and help Jackie back to space.

2020 HD Parents and Kids Camp(CUSTOMIZED)


Silkroad in Qingdao – Connect us to the World

Family:One adult and one child (5-10 y/o) (20 pairs MAX)

Time:August 9th – August 16th(8D7N)

*"Relief Registration Program": Student who submit applications for withdrawal before July 10th can receive a full refund.

Location:Qingdao (including Qingdao HD Bilingual School)

How to register:Scan the QR Code in the following poster for more information



Introduction: Silkroad in Qingdao is a new parent-child independent camp launched by HD Bilingual School in 2020. The so-called parent-child independent camp means that during the daytime, the children will use project-based learning to explore the exotic culture on the overland Silk Road in Qingdao HD campus. Meanwhile, parents will use Laoshan as a starting point to experience the beauty of the new and old city in Qingdao and understand the significance of the Maritime Silk Road to modern culture. In the evening, the parents and children will return to the five-star hotel, which is in 10-minute walking distance to Qingdao HD campus. They can share the experience and gains of the day. In addition to the Silk Road Grand Bazaar where parents and children will participate in the camp together, at the end of the itinerary, we also arranged an island exploration tour for parents and children. We will view the sunrise of the day at sea and spend a bit of time imaging the future world. And then our journey ends in such a perfect moment.



Dunhuang Culture Exclusive Trip(Max 6 families/group)

Family: Family with a child between 7-12 y/o

Time: July 29th - August 2nd; August 5th – August 9th

Location: Dunhuang, Gansu

*"Relief Registration Program": Student who submits applications of withdrawal 15 days before the starting date can receive a full refund.

How to register:Scan the QR Code in the following poster for more information


Introduction: HD's customized humane parent-child tour is organized with a boutique small group with 5-6 families. During the trip, we will explore the famous Dunhuang on the Silk Road and experience the thousand-year cultural heritage. To create the content and activities suitable for children aged 7-12, the professional instructors of Dunhuang Research Institute are invited to participate in all the process, including the content planning, knowledge introduction and itinerary explanation. The customized content of Dunhuang focuses on the heuristic education of children with experiential study and fun learning. Parents and children will be driven by the learning question and start their reading session before the trip. Through personal perception and explanation, they will complete the personalized Dunhuang report at the end. In such an aesthetic education journey, we will visit and study the Dunhuang Grottoes and murals, Yadan Devil City, Yangguan, Mingsha Mountain Crescent Springs, desert sunset and greatness created by nature. This is indeed a chance of staying from the hustle and bustle of the city. We can experience the unique northwestern camel riding, watch the Milky Way, complete the cave treasure hunting, and try other parent-child sports and activities. This will surely become the best gift for children on their growth path.




01 Summer Programs at Shanghai HD(DAY)



*"Relief Registration Program": Student who submits applications for withdrawal before June 26 can receive a full refund.

02 Shanghai HD Parents and Kids Camp(Customized)

SH Customized

* Silkroad in Qingdao-Connect Us to the World:Student who submit applications for withdrawal before July 10 can receive a full refund.

* Dunhuang Culture Exclusive Trip: Student who submit applications for withdrawal 15 days before the camp starts can receive a full refund.

03 Summer Programs at Qingdao HD(Residential)

QD residential

* Student who submits applications for withdrawal before July 10 can receive a full refund.

*More information of the Qingdao HD Summer School will be released in mid-June.


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A remind:Since the pandemic has not fully passed, the carrying out of the summer programs is still highly affected by different forces. We will keep you posted of any changes. Thank you for your support and understanding.