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HD Shanghai

Awards & Honors of the First Semester

2020 - 01 - 22

Any time hurry, any time flies, in spring, is the new beginning of a new year. The second semester is coming quickly, and students and teachers of HD Shanghai are preparing for a fresh journey of discovery at school. When looking back on the last semester, we are glad to find that there were a lot of moments to remember and plenty of awards and honors to be celebrated by us. From swimming to martial arts, from programming to creative design, HD students and teachers have achieved much in all sorts of sports fixtures and competitions. Difficulties and challenges have been overcome one after another with encouragement and perseverance. The glittering trophies and medals are the best witnesses of growth and progress!

The Mathematics League

China Division of the Future City Competition

Shanghai Youth Algorithm Competition & International Youth Coding Competition

Martial Arts Club League

Huili School Cup Swimming Competition

Tennis League of Shanghai International Schools

The Second Cao Wenxuan Children's Literature Award