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Dr. Seuss: "Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try!"

2019 - 12 - 09

Seussical is a classic musical which is popular with people of all ages. It brings together the most popular classic characters created by Dr. Sousse, and tells of a story full of positive energy.

The preparation for the Seussical started from the beginning of this semester and lasted three months. Nearly 50 students from the primary school participated in the performance, and 9 teachers supported in the whole process.

Now, Let's take a look at the first performance last night!

Dr. Seuss: "Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try!"

A cat with a hat came out of the table ... Then JOJO, Horton, Monkeys, and Kangaroos appeared on stage with the sound of music. The wonderful show started.

Seussical is a story about all the famous characters from books like The Cat in the Hat or The Sneetches, Horton Catches a Who, which are written by a writer called Dr. Seuss. At the end of each scene, thunderous applause and irresistible cheers are the best affirmation for the children.

This musical is very different from the last ones we have done. As there are very few speaking parts. It is all singing. So it is much more of the challenge for the students to get their ideas across.

In the circus late at night, the elephant Horton hugged an egg and sat alone on the high platform, singing in a low, sad voice ...

This is a Y4 student named Oscar, his character has a lot of lines. Oscar has a good voice, but that is not enough to express the emotion of a character. He needs to work hard.

Drama is not as simple as memorizing lines and learning acting skills. Students need to devote a lot of time and emotions to learn how to express emotional changes by changing intonation, how to use different vocal strengths for different vocals ...

"It is difficult to a primary kid to objectively express the emotions of the characters. And the more difficult thing is we chose to use more English "singing" instead of "speaking" during the performance. It was a huge challenge to them. But I am very proud of their performance just now, it is a fantastic show."

—— Producer Allan Marsden

The teachers also paid a lot for the drama to be presented in the most brilliant way. Line guidance, stage design, original costumes and real large-scale setting production ... With the support of teachers, we have a wonderful show.

Now the musical is becoming a traditional project in HD. When people asked director Jacqui Coogan, why did you plan to make a musical for students at the beginning? She said, the musical is not only good for students’ English level but also for their empathy, imagination, memory and even humanism. And children remember these activities forever and they love performing. We enjoy providing that opportunity for them.