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HD Beijing School

HD’s Art-wonderland: Create with love

2020 - 07 - 30

It has been a special journey we have walked through in 2020. HD students put a lot of effort into their work and received many achievements in this journey of learning. We selected some of their brilliant artworks, which were created in their international art classes and instructed by Mr. Steven, to make this art show. Through all the difficulties, students’ colourful and creative artwork gave us hope during these times of hardship. From the artworks, we can see not only the creativity of these children but also a remembrance of these special days.


Prep, Home and hope

Prep students learnt about the importance of family by creating various paintings and a three-dimensional sculpture that described their community. During this time of hardship, community and family become the hope we needed during the pandemic.

As students were introduced to various artists and art techniques, they also learnt about themselves by creating line, shape, pattern, and colour in their artwork. Through all the many struggles we endured this semester, Prep students’ colourful artwork became a beacon of hope and encouraged us all.


Grade One, Inspired by arts

Grade One students learnt how to create various pieces of artwork that represented hope during hardship through a three-dimensional community park sculpture and various paintings of lines, shapes, patterns and colour.

Through their artwork, they also learnt about themselves, their communities, families and the world around them, describing how they truly felt. Through each stroke of colour, students’ artwork shone through the darkest of times and brought hope to us all.


Grade Two, Memory in spring

Grade Two students learnt how to take their Spring-time poem and bring it alive by creating a pop-up book. Spring is a time when there are new beginnings in hopes the virus will go away.

Through listening to beautiful sounds of music, students’ paintings became alive with dancing lines of shapes and colours. While researching and taking a journey into another culture, students created masks that represented courage in the face of hardship.  

With each project made, students learnt the value of bringing hope to others around them through their vibrant array of colour.


Grade Three, A unique me!

Grade Three students learnt how to bring hope during hardship through various techniques of drawing and painting, sharing and describing their artwork to others..

Through their imagination and creativity, they designed the first letter of their name with line, pattern and colour revealing that everyone is unique and special. 

Through the courageous story of Mulan, Students painted the ancient heroine, teaching us strength and endurance to overcome the hardships in life. While learning about the various arts and cultures in the world, students discovered that creativity and imagination is in everyone.


Grade Four,

Courage in hardship

As Grade Four students designed their own sculpture for a park, they learnt how art can bring hope to their own community they live in. As students learnt how to draw and paint Mulan, they also were courageous as Mulan was during these moments of hardship.

While researching various artists around the world, they became aware about their own creativity and imagination through art. With all the difficulties we faced this semester, students brought their emotions alive through colour and motivated us all to never give up.  


Grade Five,

Friendship connects us

Grade Five students researched various works of art and artists around the world. They told a visual sequential story about the hardship the virus has caused upon us all. 

Students learnt the value of friendship during these times of isolation through the expression of colour and shapes in art. Using the first initial letter of their name, students brought it alive through patterns of colour, reminding us that we are all important in this world regardless of our shape or form. 

Instructed by Mr.Steven Guilbault.

Click here to watch this video contributed by Mr. Steven.