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HD Beijing School

Lower Primary English Teaching

2021 - 09 - 14

In the lower Primary at HD Beijing,

we aim to develop pupils’ abilities within

an integrated programme of Speaking and Listening,

Reading and Writing.

Pupils are given opportunities to interrelate the requirements

of English within a broad and balanced approach to

the teaching of English across the curriculum,

with opportunities to consolidate

and reinforce taught literacy skills.

Quality Lessons & Units of Writing

All teachers aim to provide quality learning opportunities

for the children to progress at their current learning ability level.

A typical lesson will include a learning objective

and success criteria. Over the course of the year,

the children are taught a series of different genres,

covering all of the skills emphasized in the Curriculum. 

We believe that writing should be a creative

and developmental process both at a functional

and an imaginative level. The compositional

and transcriptional skills are taught alongside the creative aspects. 

Immersion in reading,

talk and preparation for writing is essential

to the writing development process.

Oracy across the curriculum

Oracy plays a major role in the developmental stage for any learner.

Over the course of the year,

the children are encouraged to use their voices

and oracy skills as much as possible.

This is not an easy thing for many second language learners

to become accustomed to,

so the teachers ensure confidence is built

and support offered for children of all abilities.

Fun engaging activities such as: role play, pair talk,

drama and hot seating are great ways of preparing

the pupils for the writing process,

whilst practising speaking.

RWI & Phonics

Children can use phonics knowledge to “sound out”words.

The children learn to recognise how sounds are represented

alphabetically and identify some letter sounds,

symbols, characters and signs. 

Phonics is essential for children to become successful readers

and writers in the early years of schooling and beyond.

At HD Beijing, we use Read Write Inc,

it is a phonics complete literacy programme 

which helps all children learn to read fluently

and at speed so they can focus on developing

their skills in comprehension,

vocabulary and spelling.

Letter formation and handwriting - Penpals

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme 

for 3–11 year olds,

it offers clear progression

through five developmental stages.

It teaches children a fast

and fluent handwriting style

to help them achieve their potential in writing. 

In the Early years,

the children begin by practicing single sounds

and double letters, like ‘ll’ and ‘ff’.

They then continue on to set 2 sounds

and begin to join their letters.

The children are given handwriting homework

to practise daily,

this supports children consolidate the sounds

they are learning in phonics with their letter formation.