It is our privilege to welcome you to HD Schools. Our network of schools, the HD Schools, is borne of one of the most intriguing educational journeys of our time – namely, the education of Chinese nationals within a bilingual context. It is rooted in a pioneering dual immersion curriculum, which lays the foundation for our students' development as global Chinese citizens. Our staff, meanwhile, benefit from unique opportunities for professional development and career advancement. We hope you will enjoy reading about our journey and would be very pleased to hear from well-qualified, dedicated and inspiring professionals who wish to join us.

---Robert Holroyd and Warren Johnston Chief Academic Directors

Our Journey

HD Schools has embarked on one of the most significant educational projects of our time – the nurturing of the next generation of Global Chinese Citizens. 

We are an ambitious organization with the aim to provide our model of education in other Chinese cities. We hope that you will consider joining us and being part of our journey.

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