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China is a land of opportunity – and this is particularly true of the education sector. For us, the education of Chinese nationals, through a bilingual approach, is one of the most exciting educational projects of our time. We have been amazed by the thirst for how we approach education. Taking on a job in China is an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of educational progress and will unquestionably offer the environment and challenges required to learn new skills and to further a career in education. Indeed, as the world turns east, an understanding of China and, even better, experience living and working there, can be very beneficial for career progression. The 2017 HSBC expat explorer survey ranked China second in the career progression category.


China is totally unique. The rate of economic growth, industrial development and infrastructural progress in China is a story often told. However, there is far more to China than this. As the world’s oldest continuous civilization, there is unrivaled history to discover and culture to experience. The country’s vast natural beauty; the mountains, deserts, mighty rivers, jungles, grassland, and coastline are filled with breath-taking beauty. There are vibrant cities where the traditions and the customs of millennia past mix with China’s irrepressible drive for modernity.


All of the HD schools are located within highly-developed cities complete with all the conveniences one would hope for when settling down in a new location. Transport links are excellent. There are international standard grocery stores, malls and shopping districts, high-class healthcare and accommodation. The telecommunications network is among the most sophisticated in the world – several channels are available to make communication with friends and family outside China simple.


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