Induction Process

Please note that the induction arrangements for each of our HD schools vary slightly, the above should be taken as broad guidelines and individual schools will share their particular programs prior to your arrival.

Visa Support

If you are offered a position at any of the HD Schools, our HR Team will provide you with support and guidance throughout the work visa application process. We do everything we can to ensure that settling in China as a new member of staff is as easy as possible.  


In order to be eligible for a work visa as an international teacher you will need to meet the following criteria:


While a minimum of two years' teaching experience is highly desirable, applications can be considered from well-qualified candidates who have recently completed a PGCE or equivalent qualification.


Candidates should also note that as part of the application process they will be required to submit the names of three referees, one of whom should be the Principal or Senior HR Manager of the candidate's latest employer, and one of whom must be the Principal or Senior HR Manager of the candidate’s penultimate employer.


We will provide details about the procedure and associated time scales as soon as candidates accept an offer of employment with us.

Note: The specific details are subject to the relevant policies of the location of the employment school.

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