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Sun Tao
Chairman, EliteK12 Education Group



Sun Tao


Spring has gone and now it is mid-summer. Trees are lush and flowers blossom. It has been four years since HD School’s admission office was set up in DuYueHu, Ningbo in 2014. Since then, we have kept growing. Starting with one campus with fifteen classrooms, we now have five campuses in four cities, and more to come soon. Since then, we have kept diversifying. From pre-prep and primary to secondary section, and from school education to training institutions. We are establishing an education industry ecosystem.


We are continuing to expand - from Ningbo to Shanghai, then Beijing; we are prospering across China. Since 2014, the number of staff has grown from four to almost a thousand, and from each person worked on a few roles to an integrated, fully-functioning team with clear roles and responsibilities. All these are the result of doing the right things with the right people at the right time and in the right place. We are educators. We are role models to students. We strive to live up to the values, guidelines and practices and expect children to learn from us. This is the inspiration for HD Schools to keep growing. We are thrilled to see the support given to Yoyo of HD Shanghai School after her home was burnt in a fire.


We are touched by Ms. Xuesong Zhao of the new HD Beijing School who stands firm by the value of love. Such love has transformed students with behaviour problems into young gentlemen.


We are a family. A lot of HD Ningbo School staff have proactively offered help to international teachers, enabling them to settle well in China.


I believe there are more touching stories among us. Though each of us joined HD Schools at different times, we share the same values. We hope and strive to have smiles on every face, with everyone feeling they are being cared for. We hope the children are happy and that parents know their precious ones are in our good hands. We hope staff find it a great place to work. This is the pursuit of HD Schools. “Education Creates Character” is HD School’s motto and the traditional practice of Hurtwood House, our sister school in the United Kingdom. We hope our children have a long-term vision, have a kind heart and demonstrate the ability to persevere. Faith, hope and love are the embodiment of these outstanding qualities. Great learning comes from manifesting one’s bright virtue. It has been the mission of educators in China to foster the development of bright virtue, of which the name HD originated. HD demonstrates the essence of eastern and western education visions.


Confucius, Kongzi said a decent person must have followers. People believe and follow people with the best morals. In the early days of the school establishment, although the school facilities and operating systems were still being developed, the parents were touched by our whole-hearted determination for establishing a school that creates character via education. This is exactly the quality that makes us shine in Ningbo, then Shanghai, Beijing and now Qingdao. Love is gentle, love is kind. All the hard work has been well received and has touched the HD Schools parents. Their positive feedback through word of mouth differentiates us from the other bilingual schools. The concept of educating globalised Chinese is well accepted. We have created an HD-signature project-based learning. All this is the result of your contribution, as a staff and a member of the HD Schools and EliteK12 families. HD Schools is a magazine for us all. It is a platform and channel for sharing work and life stories. We hope everyone will learn, gain and grow from it. Let us walk hand-in-hand into the big, bright future in front of us.


Sun Tao


EliteK12 Education Group

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