learning and support

We understand that moving abroad, especially if it is for the first time, can be daunting. Apart from the practical logistics associated with taking a job in another country, we know that teachers sometimes feel anxious about how they are going to settle into

  • their new home and surroundings
  • the unaccustomed culture of the country
  • the unfamiliar expectations of the new job

In addition, we also know some worry about the opportunities available for professional learning away from home. Once abroad, a teacher can feel isolated from mainstream opportunities either at home or elsewhere in the world.  


That is why HD schools provide its staff with support and professional learning opportunities from two different sources.

No matter which HD school a teacher is based at, they can expect:

  • that regular professional learning opportunities are provided
  • opportunities for teachers to attend courses on current issues
  • support and advice required for new members of staff to settle in China
  • a Residential Induction Programme based in the UK before teachers take up their post

The HD school family is growing quickly and teachers who are successful in their first appointment are likely to have rapid career progression opportunities within the group. Our HR team, with representatives in China and in the UK, is set up to assist teachers with their career planning, helping them to access outstanding opportunities within our international network.

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