HD Qingdao Wanda School
Primary Innovative Courses
Traditional Chinese Culture Course

HD aims to cultivate global Chinese people. While developing children's international vision, we also pay more attention to integrating the essence of traditional Chinese culture. It is said that a nation treasures all traces of its spiritual life in its language. For this reason, HD Qingdao's traditional culture course aims to establish the brand of traditional Chinese culture for children's life.

Course Resources: we choose the crystallization of ancestral wisdom -- Chinese classics, hoping that students can stand on the shoulders of giants, absorb the rich wisdom of ancestors, and reach the new height of history.

For younger students, we mainly lead them to experience and learn the "feast of rhythm", listen to "the narration of ancestors" and "the singing of ancestors", and travel through time and space to find the "mother of vernacular Chinese " by following the classics of poetry. We will take older students to activate the wisdom of the sages, stand on the shoulders of giants, read the integrity story and feel the heroic spirit.

Traditional culture courses enable students to have a better understanding of Chinese culture, stimulate their interest in traditional culture, so as to improve students' cultural taste, shape their character and enrich their personality.


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