HD Qingdao Wanda School
Primary Innovative Courses
Creative Arts

Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage.” We are creative beings at the core, but it can be intimidating to express ourselves to others. In Creative Arts class, the aim is to help students explore their inner creative thoughts, and to give them a way to convey their ideas to the world. The class focuses on drama, but also uses many different art forms to support the drama lesson. Throughout the year, there will be a focus on movement, voice, improvisation, scenes, plays, and Broadway-style musical and dance pieces. Students will make their own set pieces, costume pieces, and props to use in their performances in class. 

Aside from increasing their ability in the arts, students will also acquire English language skills in Creative Arts class. Each day, students will engage in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They will think deeply and express their thoughts in English, read and write scripts, and listen to both the teacher and their fellow classmates using English. There will also be opportunities to link the course content to what the students are studying in their other classes, so they can deepen their understanding of the core curriculum. 

Dancing:HDQD dancing class is for students. We know very well that the body is the first window for children to contact the world. When they use their body to feel and express love and joy, the world they perceive will be better and broader. 

Our dancing course is aim to cultivate students’ creativity and aesthetic appreciation. We are not purely teaching the dancing skills, nor for the purpose of stage performance, but to develop the potential of all students, so that students are happy to express themselves with their bodies, forming unique temperament, so that the internal confidence and external integrity to achieve balance.

HDQD dancing art education is formed by three parts,

Core Dance Class:

Offering for all students, focusing on cultivating students’s physical temperament, popularizing basic artistic accomplishment, and experiencing the aesthetic appreciation of dance art

ECA Dance class

The students select courses according to its own interests and hobbies. There is no boundary between the grades and classes, and there is no requirement for physical conditions. Students can register and select courses online if they are interested.

Chinese Dance Club

The dance club offers for the whole school and it is designed to cultivate students' professional dance accomplishment. We will offer international performing chances for students to show themselves to the world on the larger stage.

Dance is not only a subject in QDHD, but also a kind of natural life pattern that enlightens wisdom. QDHD children start every day in the integration of poetry, music and dance. Time flies, we believe that dance will bring children to the ideal future.


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