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Winter Performance of HD Shanghai Kindergarten: Precious Moments

2020 - 01 - 11

Winter Performance of HD Shanghai Kindergarten


“Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake. Falling, falling, falling, falling… falling on my head.”

With the arrival of winter, children of HD Shanghai Kindergarten explored a lot of the secrets of the season. Although the city was not that cold and it did not snow, teachers and students of HD Shanghai Kindergarten and Tong De Academy were in high spirits as they stepped onto the stage to give a wonderful show. Immersed in a festival atmosphere, they presented a concert with the theme of “Adventures of Winter” to celebrate the New Year.

The performances on the stage may not have been very long, but the students had spent a month preparing for them. Every part of the production, including the selection of items, the collection of costumes, singing, choreography and the design of the stage backgrounds, reflected the hard work of all the teachers and their students. They overcame lots of difficulties and we were happy to see the show develop. Applause from the audience was the best reward!

The more open you are to the world, the bigger stage you are on. Let us keep these impressive moments deep in our hearts!

—— Mary Feng

Principal of HD Shanghai Kindergarten