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HD Qingdao Wanda School

HD Drama Class

2020 - 02 - 27

HD Drama Class

Author | Malia Lindsey

Grade 1 Drama

As our youngest and newest members of the Primary School, our grade 1 students were introduced to the concept of putting on a play. We found a special holiday play that catered to their language, age, and interest level called “Who Will Fly Santa’s Sleigh Tonight?,” and worked together to make the story come to life. The students focused on listening for their cues before it was their turn to act, projecting their voices to the appropriate level, and acting with emotion. We also practiced our musical theatre skills through a song and dance that was performed at our International Winter Production.


Grade 2 Drama 

Our Grade 2 students have been sharpening their basic performance skills they had learned in the previous year’s drama class. Along with movement, performance, and basic emotional expression, we really focused on intensifying their emotions with their whole body in order to communicate ideas to an audience. They also had the added challenge of incorporating props and costume pieces into their acting, and using them to enhance their performance. Vocally, we have been practicing using tone, rhythm, and pitch to express the characters we’re playing, and how changing any of these three elements can give a different meaning to our words.


Grade 3 Drama 

Throughout this semester in grade 3 drama class, the overlying theme has been the necessity and benefits of teamwork and collaboration in order to bring a story to life. After many rehearsals in the drama classroom, we took the stage and focused on the mechanics of our production, such as where we stand and move on stage to make maximum impact for the audience, and coordinating who will move set pieces on and off the stage to help the production flow seamlessly. The students also had challenging choreography for their class musical theatre song and dance, but they learned to work together and support each other to make their performance a success.