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HD Qingdao Wanda School

Science classes at HD Qingdao school

2020 - 01 - 15

Master Class of Scientific Author 

In November we welcomed renowned children’s Science author, Nick Arnold, to our school to put on two fabulous Science shows. Having visiting authors, experts and artists provides our students with a broad and exciting learning environment that inspires them for the future. Nick Arnold performed many exciting experiments for the children and had many volunteers on the stage to make the children’s experience enjoyable and memorable. Additionally, during events like this, we make use of the Hurtwood House Theatre to really immerse the children in the performance and the excitement of the show.

Second Grade's Science Class 

In Grade 2 the children were looking at the chemical reaction between baking powder and vinegar and observing the creation of carbon dioxide. With the addition of food colourants the children were able to make their very own mini volcanoes! Predicting, forming hypothesis, recording observations and data and then evaluating the outcome by comparing it with their original prediction are all skills that the children have learnt to use regularly both within Science and in how they interact with the wider world. At HD Qingdao it is important to us that our work with the children is fun, engaging and allows the children the freedom to explore their topic creatively so that they can learn both within our structures and through their own investigations. The international team have found that this builds a passion in our students for their Science related learning!

Third Grade's Science Class 

Grade 3 are in the middle of their Sound Unit in which we are learning about how sound is created, how it travels and how the ear converts it into information that the brain interprets as sound. It is important to us to have lots of interactions during our lessons and to provide the children with time to discuss their ideas at their tables and in pairs. We want to give the children room to think freely and not just answer questions but also ask questions and discuss ideas. The children talk and learn in English with only minimal instructions provided in Chinese so that the children are doing exactly what is required of them. By keeping our lessons engaging, interactive and fast-paced, we find that the children make rapid progress. In this lesson the students went from learning about how sounds travel to creating informational videos, all in the space of one lesson!