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HD Beijing School

Celebration of Harvest Festival

2018 - 12 - 18

Harvest is a celebration of nature and all good things it gives us. It is a good time to think about others in our world.

HD Beijing celebrated Harvest from October 29th-31st. To celebrate this special occasion, students participated in some special learning activities.

Autumn is the season of nature’s harvest, with plenty of wild food available for humans, animals and birds. It is a time of great change, reminding us of what we give thanks for in our world.

This week, we marked Harvest festival in a culmination of events which took place on the day of the 31st October. 

Ahead of our celebration, our classrooms were full of excitement; learning all about art and costumes from around the world. 

Students throughout our school created poems, imaginative stories and pieces of art in the lead up to the event.

Our very own HD Beijing neighbourhood was created with each class designing a special doorway, where our parents and children added their unique pieces of art for all to see.

Whilst the students were busy preparing costumes and art work, parents participated in designing Jack-O’-Lanterns to light up the front of our neighbourhood.

On the day, a grand parade was held on campus.

Kids were so excited to show off their wonderful costumes. 

Our children participated in mask making, dance classes and a scavenger hunt. 

The Scavenger Hunt was fun.

The prize giving ceremony recognised costumes according to special categories.

At HD Beijing, we believe in giving our students an opportunity to embrace festivals from around the world, experiencing other cultures and celebrating our learning with our friends and families. This enables us to create life long memories for our children.

As dusk approached, our children could be heard walking through the crunchy autumn fallen leaves, having experienced a festival from around the world.